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Comprehensive Overview With Multiple Displays

Same screen, various windows and combinations for monitoring.

Comprehensive Overview With Multiple Displays

Professional Order Placement Tools

Diverse order assistance tools, covering automatic, manual, and quick high-frequency trading.

Professional Order Placement Tools

Place Orders With Drawn Lines

Execute precisely, save order time

Lightning-fast Order Execution

One-click trading, swift execution in volatile markets

Automatic Order Splitting

Automatic order splitting for maximizing trade efficiency

AI Grid

Buy low, sell high, and achieve steady profits in volatile markets

Snatch the IEO

High-frequency grabbing, capturing multiple-fold profit


KOL discussions on new tokens, whale movements, and smart money's latest positions. Supports real-time alerts. A one-stop insight into major players between DEXs and CEXs.


Customized Indicators

Explore visual indicators without programming. Customize strategies with automatic order execution for profitable outcomes.

Customized Indicators

Massive Data Sources

get access to massive data sources for quotes, alerts, and indicators

Main and Sub-chart Displays

Comprehensive technical analysis for clearer market insights


Join the community to share insights with tens of thousands of enthusiasts.


Real-time alerts to capture every market opportunity

Live Trading

Execute automated orders based on indicator signals for live trading

Ten types of alerts

Never miss a trading opportunity

Ten types of alerts
Ten types of alerts
Ten types of alerts
Ten types of alerts

Main Force Transactions

Track large order trading activities, and capture institutional investor trends

High-win-rate Strategy

Exclusive high-win-rate strategy analysis system for effortless quantified trading

Buy/Sell Signals

Customizable alerts for all tokens, accurate identification of buying/selling points

On-chain Tx

Monitor whale transactions on the blockchain, foresee market trends in advance

Multiple notifications

Receive alerts via voice, app, PC, and email

Latest Market News

Helping investors seize firsthand and actionable news opportunities

Latest Market News